Imperial Hotel Tower's Clinic (Uchisaiwaicho clinic)

Imperial Hotel Tower Clinic's "One   day stay Complete Medical Checkup"

Deluxe medical check-up staying     one night at Imperial Hotel, Ginza

1)  One day stay "Complete Medical Check-up" cours

 Basic Inspection Items Fee including one night stay           at Imperial Hotel


1st day……

   (1) Medical Examination by a doctor

           (2) Physical measurements(Body measurements,   

                  BMI-body mass index-check of obesty, Body fat %)

   (3) Vision & hearing ability  (4) Blood pressure test  

   (5) Eyeground examination  (6)Intraocular pressure test 

   (7) Urine test  (8) Fecal examination   (9) Blood test  

   (10) Electro-cardiographic test    (11) Pulmonary function test

   (12) Abdominal ultrasonography  (13) Echocardiography

    (14) Chest X-ray examination       (15) Gastroscopy

………………(. Stay at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (with supper)…………….


2nd day……

           (16) Sugar tolerance test        (17) Load electro-cardiogram

           (18) Digital rectal palpation     (19) Sputum examination




2) Selected Specific Medical Check-up courses 


A)  Brain Dock

         Head MRI/MRA + Neck MRA examination

MRI examination room

        Head blood vessel             MRI image

          Cerebellar infarction MRI image

B)    Lung Dock

CT examination room

Lung cancer CT image

Visceral fat & subcutaneous

Pulmonary tuberculosis

C)    Arteriosclerosis inspection

          LOX-index, High sensitivity CRP, Adiponectin 3-items + Carotid artery                       ultrasonography


D)    Cancer screening

          (Tumor marker)  (5-sets of CEA, CYFRA, CA19-9, AFP,PSA)

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