Japanese noodle(Soba & Udon) " Tasting  member" Invited (Apply for testing experience)

 Goals of "Japanese Soba Tasting members"are as follow.

  1) Enjoy the taste of Japanese buckweat noodle(J-Soba)

  2) Enjoy the taste of Japanese "Udon noodle"

  3) How to prepare Japanese Soba or Udon

  4) How to prepare dipping sauce for cold Soba or warm        broth for warm Soba or Ramen

Although Japanese "Ramen noodle" is now very popular in the world, but very healthy Japanese Buckwheat flour noodle is not

international yet. Please note that Japanese buckwheat noodle

iis contributing Japanese longevity giving its exquisite taste. 

Japanese member will mainly recommend tasty Soba or Udon  and Foreign visiting members will taste and enjoy

the recommended Soba or Udon for their home recipe or 

futuer new business at their home country. Especially,

buckwheat Soba contains a lot of "Rutin" which will make

mushy and dirty blood into fluent and clean blood.

Please enjoy tastes of Japanese soba first whatever it is warm or cold. Japanese soba(J-soba) is made of mainly buckwheat

flour which is low calorie and delicious. It contains a lot of 

"Rutin", a kind of polyphenol and vitamins.

Also, Japanese "Udon" noodle is getting popular in the world

together with "Ramen" noodle. Major raw materials of

both Udon and Ramen are wheat flour. But Udon is made with

water and salt and Ramen is made with carbonated water.

Both noodles are also delicious and getting popular in the       world. But, J-soba's main material is "buckwheat flour" which is the big difference from other noodles. J-soba will be also   

getting popular in the world with its own taste and efficacy.

(1) J-Soba Tasting Club 

(2) Udon Tasting Club

Application Form for expelience
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