Enjoy traditional Japanese "Ryotei"
(Application form attached) 

We suggest you to visit there with your     
friends or family to have good memories. 
Ryotei used to be tpycally a place where
high level business or political meetings    
can take place discreetly. If you don't       
request Geisha to serve, cost of meals are
not so expensive. But, the number of      
Ryotei is decreasing with the times.         
As some Ryotei restaurants still open, we
suggest you experience for good memories
of traditional Japanese Ryouti, before they may fade out to change to comtemplary     business. Very rough price for lunch may
be about US100~150 per person and       
dinner may be US200~250 per person     
without Geisha's service. Minimum number of guests is usually 3~4-persons for a        private room. Authentic Japanese meal will be served.                                                     

Japanese cuisine is famous for being healthy and also serves
authentic Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine values the fresh taste of the ingredients and
doesnt't require too much seasoning. The basic seasonings are
things like sugar and salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso and 
the basic spices are things like ginger and green onion.         


Charges for a Geisha's services are expensive. 

 Filling service
with Sake/wine

Dancing show

Dancing or game

To talk with you