J-Soba (Buckwheat noodle) Making  Club member Wanted! (Application form attached)



 Although "Ramen" is now very popular internationally, 

but Japanese traditional buckwhead noodle (J.Soba) is 

not popular internationally yet. Big difference between

Ramen and J-Soba is the ingrients used for noodle.

Main content of J-Soba is "Buckwheat flour mainly"         against "Wheat Flour" used for Ramen.

Meahwhile, bucwheat flour contains a lot of "Rutin"

which will make mushy and dirty blood into fluent and

clean blood. Buckwheat flour also contains much plant

fiber, vitamins and protain.

In another words, buckwheat flour is much nutritious      food. However, usually 80% of the noodle is buckwheat  flour and 20% is wheat flour to be included as the           binding agent.  

Moreover soup stock for J-Soba is very low calorie againt Ramen. As J-Soba shoud be more popular in the world,  we wish   to introduce J-Soba making process. If you are

interested in it, you can experience very basic course in  a half day during your stay in Japan. Of course you can   study it in earnest if you can take much more time.

J-Soba(buckwheat noodle) making experience member,
                                Wanted !!

    Enough to knead                Make the ball  by hand                                                                 

Aplication Form(JSoba making experience) 

A) Experience as hobby
B) First step for My future
family business

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