Anti-aging & cosmetics by “D.Clinic Forum”

D.CLINIC FORUM  Aesthetic Medicine Specialized   for Anti-aging & cosmetics) 

  (This clinic is specialized for “Anti-aging and cosmetics” by Plastic       surgeon” and dermatologist who are engaged in univercity.

Various trouble of skin and body caused by aging will be treated by most advanced equipment, medical technology with corroboration  with Kita-Aoyama D-Clinic. Kita-Aoyama D-Clinic is the front runner of the preventive medicine Since foundation of this clinic such as     day surgery and anti-aging, but “D.Clinic Forum” is independent       from “Kita-Aoyama D-Clinic whose medical services are basically    medical treatments although it covers also anti-aging and beauty     skin care under the field of preventive medicine.

 Greduated from University of
Tokyo, Graduate school of             Medicine.Surgery, Anesthesiology ,Dermatology. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery                                     


 1) Acthyderm


Skin will be activated by this               advanced technology as this equipment can infiltrate active ingredients into the deep level of skin and contain it there.

The penetrance is far great than         iontophoresis system.

You can feel the effect from even the first treatmen and it is painless.

As you grow older, you will be anxious about stain, wrinkle, sagging on face,

subcutaneous fat and cellulite. However, you will scared  about injection or knives

for surgical purpose. Acthyderm will get rid of such          anxiety at all.


2) Super photo therapy


Super photo therapy is an irradiation method

treatment developed by latest technology.

This treatment will activate the metabolism of skin

and bring out the skin’s its own power.

Spots on the skin, freckles, dullness, red face, open

pores, most of all these skin’s troubles will be removed.

Treatment time is about 10 minutes and soon after it, you can make up safely.

If you can have the treatment repeatedly, you can expect your skin to be changed out of recognition. Conventional treatment  for stains on the skin was used to be conventional laser            irradiation. However, this Super photo therapy causes nearly

no pain troubles during treatment. 


1) Doctor examines the        2) After counseling, doctor     3) Hair band & goggles to

    skin condition                        cleanse your face                    protect eyes are provided

                                                                                                and spot to be irradiated

                                                                                                  will be cool down to ease


4) The entier face will be       5) After the irradiation, face   6) Soon after the treatment

    irradiated                                will be cooled down for           is over, you can make-up

                                                    about 5 minutes.                    and go home easily.

3) Tenor thermos rebirth


 Hyper thermic effect and and improved blood circulation by RF(High frequency) will

 take her past young body back. This is also anti-aging treatment. This latest RF

 treatment, "Tenor", will take fat and sagging off at the same time. Tenor irradiation

 will improve collage synthesis  in the epidermis and the inside of the skin

 become very high density which will bring firm and tight skin.


Treatment time will be about 30 minutes and you can make-up even soon after the

treatment. If you can have this treatment every week or two weeks, the effect will

become prominent after 3 to 5 times of treatment.


4) Botox injection   

Botox is a serum injected to keep facial muscles from flexing as tightly.

It is used to smooth forehead wrinkles and frown lines, reduce crow’s feet

around the eyes and on the mouth to minimize lipstick lines.

These days it is also used to reduce the masseter muscles hypertrophy..

4 Bo tox injectio

 5) Hyaluronic acid injection 

  Persons who worry about wrinkles due to aging and wrinkles caused by expression,      will be recommended to inject hyaluronic acid which is proved to be safe and

   fast-acting treatment. Hyaluronic acid is natural moisturizing ingredient which exist      basically in human skin, eyeball and joints.

It will act for supple and moisturized skin and is familiar as the moisturizer of

cosmetics. Concaved portion on the skin surface will be recovered as injected

  hyaluronic acid which will mixed with the natural hyaluronic acid exist in  the skin.

4) Botox injection                                        5) Hyaluronic acid injection


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