Kita-Aoyama D-Clinic's Main Medical       Service

  We wish to introduce our strong and popular fieds of   medical Services one by one :
                1) NINGEN Dock(Complehensive medical                              check-up coruse)                                          
                2) Gastrointestinal tract endoscope (one day)     3) Removal of varicose veins by Laser
 (one day treatment)  
     4) Removal of Herniated disc (PLDD)by
treatment  (one day treatment)
                 5) Specialized field of anti-aging & cosmetics                      by the associated clinic, “D.Clinic Forum”

  A)  NINGEN Dock(Complete Medical Check-up) Course 

1) Medical check-up menues 

Checkup items                                                                                                  

       a) Body measurement     b) General examination                                              c) Measurement of blood pressure     d) Urinalysis                                          e) Test for blood in the stool        f) Sputum examination                        
       g) General blood test                 h) Hepatitis test       i) HIV test                       j) Tumor marker test              k) Immunoreactivity inspection                 
       l) Chest X-ray examination
      m) Electrocardiographic testing                        n) Respiratory function test                                                                             o)  Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy ( gastrocamera )                                   p) Abdominal ultrasonography         q) Abdominal ultrasonography                 r) Carotid ultrasonography       s) Blood pressure pulse wave inspection          t) Anti-oxidizing power, Active oxygen failure inspection                          
u) Mammary gland ultrasonography     v) Mammography                  

 B) Removal of varicose veins by Laser treatment 
                     (one day treatment) 

Removal of varicose veins by Laser treatment

Leaser treatment for removal of varicose veins has a lot of merit   to the patient as the treatment is usually completed in 30 minute  to one hour,  can leave the clinic after only about  30 minute's rest and can walk back to home without any pain and no bandage is required.


     C-1) Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

            (for the early detection of gastric cancer)


Stomach is the very delicate digestive tract which gets stressed   really  easily and shows various symptoms even from the young    generation. 

Recently, it is found that helicobacter pylori inhabits in stomach   and causes refractory gastric ulcer and tumor. Conventional         stomach examination was screening by stomach perspective       (inspection by barium) but due to technical improvement of        gastroscopy technical level, early cancer which was difficult to be detected by barium became  to be detected.  

     Time required for the gastroscopy examination will be

    about 30 minites

ta-o Clinic's Main Medical Service 


C-2) Lower gastrointestinal Endoscopy  

        (For the early detection of colorectal cancer)

Colonoscopy is necessary for early detection of colorectal cancer or
polyp which is a precancerous lesion. Test for blood in the stool is   also very effective to detect colorectal cancer and/or polyp.
 For this inspection, stool is just put in the inspection vessel for the early checkup of the cancer. If it is early cancer, endoscopic surgery is possible and hospitalization is not necessary.
 However, as 20% of advanced colorectal cancer is reported not respond to the blood test in the stool, the colon fiberscope is important for detection and screening

Colonoscopy( Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy)                    For early detection of colorectal cancer

    a) Notes: Before examination, no breakfast is taken on the    
      inspection day. 
Only water can be drunk.      
                  Laxative treatment for about two hours will
 be          required on the  inspection day.               
)  Gastroenterologists who are working in the hospital of         Tokyo University and worked at  National cancer center
will be in charge of colonoscopy.                             

  c)   Time required for the colonoscopy examination will be     30~60 minutes.                                                           

d)  In case some polyp is found through colonoscopy, it will
excised on the spot during the examination.            


 D) Laser treatment of Herniated disc (PLDD)

                        (one day treatment)

 (Latest laser treatment of a slipped disc by cranial nerve


Mechanism of  PLDDLaser treatment of Herniated disc

In case of old treatment, it took about one month's                  hospitalization for herniated disk operation. To make the       matter worth, the surrounding tissue was seriously damaged   to remove the disc.                                                                    
Naturally, the risk of serious complication came out. However,
the laser operation will be completed in about fifteen minutes by latest laser treatment and the patient can go home by walk after about one hour rest for safety at the clinic


Distinctive features of PLDD


1) Day Treatment

2) Treatment time is very short

3) No scars as the treatment is not surgical operation

4) Only very little bleeding

5) No change of daily life even after treatment

6) It is fundamental remedial effect.

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