In case of cancelletion after reservation
and the mode of payment of the
cancelation fee !!

It is not so easy to match your schedule in Japan with clinic's   very busy daily appointments to fix your reservation. 

Usually, we start to ask clinic to put your schedule in

their schedule one month in advance.  If we change your

resevation to other date or cancel it after finalisation , it will     cause a lot of trouble or even financial loss to the clinic.

Even you come to clinic late for the appointed time on the

same day, you may lose the reservation for your medical          services and we must start again from begining to match the   both sides itinerary.

Please note that even being late for the appointment is costly

and cancellation fee is fairly much whatever the reasons for      being late. 

      A) 10% Cancellation fee 

           If your cancellation is advised to us by fax before                      appointed reservation date within 8~14days before                 the fixed appointment with clinics, the cancellation

          charge must be paid.

           The cancellation fee shall be 10% of the amount you                  paid to us in advance. This amount is deducted as the                cancellation fee and the balance(90%) shall be                          refunded to your bank account.


As the cancellation fee   is fairly high, please try to avoid it.                    

) 50% Cancellation fee 

     If cancelletion is advised to us by          fax before the appointed reservation      date within 2~7days in advance,          50% of the amount you paid to us         in advance is deducted as the                  cancellation fee and the balance

   (50%) shall be refundedto your bank     account. 

Be careful that if you     come more than one     hour later than the        appointed time on the    day, it will be deemed     as cancellation on the     appointed date and no   money will be refunded to you.                          

  C) 80~100% Cancellation fee

    If cancelletion is advised us by fax

    1-day before the appointed                     reservation date, 80% or 100% of         the amount paid to us in advance           shall be deducted as the cancellation     fee.

    If you change the appointment               within  the originally fixed                       appointment more  than 3-times,           new appointment afterward, 10% of     the total amount shall be added as         the alterlation fee.

● Force Majeure

    If your medical test or other medical  services not completed , due to some     troubles of medical facilities in the         clinic, we will fix again the alternative    appointment for medical service as        originally set up.

However, transportation fee and             accommodation expenses shall be yours. But if you give  up the alternative

medical appointment, fee for the

inspection items not completed yet

by that time,will be refunded to you.